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Box - No. 29 White Nixon

A refined and distinctive blend of organic White Peony tea, French lavender with refreshing notes of bright grapefruit. 2 oz


Box - No. 38 Majorelle Mint

A Moroccan paradise of organic gunpowder green tea and vibrant mint with a stylish citrus twist. 3.5 oz


Box - No. 35 The Earl Grey

Gentleman of the tea world, comfortable in both well cut and worn threads, The Earl Grey is a welcome and familiar sight. Box contains 3 oz


Box - No. 47 The Queen's Guard

Inspired by classic, dew-studded English gardens. The Queen's Guard is a perfect afternoon tea, celebrating two of our favorite early summer flowers, rose and lavender. Box contains 3 oz


Gourmet Small Mackerel in Olive Oil

The mackerel is a blue fish with no carbohydrates. It is rich in phosphorus, potassium and calcium and presents a high level of fat acids which help prevent cardiovascular problems and optimize cognitive performance. Usually associated to curiosity, this


Gourmet Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil

The discovery of the sea by pre-historic men has coincided with the discovery of tuna. It is perhaps the species that we have known longer and more transversally across the planet. Caught in the eastern and western parts of the Atlantic Ocean and in the s


Gourmet Sardines with Lemon and Olive Oil

Sardines with Lemon in Olive oil


Vintage Small Dough Riser

Our farmhouse-primitive dough bowls are sourced from working farms across Europe. Hand-carved and lovingly used to feed families for generations. Size & patina vary.

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