Min: $0 Max: $450

French Country Tray

Use as a piece of art hanging on a large wall or placed on top of an oversized coffee table or ottoman. Dimensions: 40" SQ x 6"H


Rush Log Basket

Use this beauty for exactly what you think (logs) or anything else you desire like blankets, shoes or toys. A wonderful way to stay organized. Dimensions: 18" Dia x 20"H + 4.5" handles


Large Rectangular Rush Basket

One of our most popular and our favorites! We use these phenomenal heavy duty baskets for storing blankets, shoes, toys or anything you can think of! The solid rattan frames make our baskets as durable as they are beautiful. Dimensions: 25.5"L x 20"W x


Oval Sweater Weave Hearth with Side Handles

24"L x 15"W x 20"H + 4" handles


French Country Walking Cane Basket

Great ideas for this lovely basket include storage for umbrellas, walking canes or even golf clubs. Dimensions: 22"L x 6"W x 23"H

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